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What is Bioethanol fuel?

Bioethanol is a type of renewable, plant-based alcohol that can be made from fermented sugars or molasses derived from crops such as sugarcane, potatoes, and wheat. It is considered a bio-renewable resource.

OuPlanika range of Bioethanol Fireplaces offers you modern fireplaces that are safe, convenient and eco-friendly.

In a world where net zero carbon dioxide emissions is the new standard, there are plenty of ways to reduce your reliance on traditional fossil fuels. One option is to install an automatic bioethanol fireplace in your home. Bioethanol is a renewable fuel made from plant matter, and it produces very little carbon dioxide when burned. In fact, many jurisdictions consider bioethanol fireplaces to be net zero carbon neutral, meaning that they have no net impact on the environment. Automatic bioethanol fireplaces are also very efficient, and they can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for any room in your home. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, an automatic bioethanol fireplace may be the perfect solution.

Thanks to technological advancement and the introduction of automatic bio-ethanol fireplaces, we are no longer limited to unsafe manual devices.
The automatic BEV® technology means that there is no direct contact between the fire and the fuel. The ethanol is contained in a separate
reservoir inside the fireplace from where it is transported into the vapour accelerator. Warm ethanol evaporates through a perforated burner and is ignited by a filament. The burning process takes place above the burner and provides the flame with unlimited access to the oxygen making it fully combusted. This prevents the creation of a smell which smell typical for manual bio-ethanol fireplaces.
The BEV® technology can rapidly extinguish the flame by closing the vapour release.
Planika introduced electronic remote controllers, developed apps and integrated Smart Home System module to give you full control over the fireplace from the comfort of your sofa.
Another benefit is a pump that delivers the necessary amount of bio-ethanol and automatically stops the filling process when the reservoir is full. Such a feature guarantees that you will never spill the fuel again! Also, the system won’t add fuel when the fireplace is still working or cooling.

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