BIG K Charcoal


Big K ACH15 Lumpwood Charcoal is fantastic for all solid fuel BBQs!!

This 15Kg bag provides you with large pieces of restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal of the highest quality that will keep your BBQ going for hours. This charcoal will provide you with a constant high temperature throughout cooking. Ideal for the professional barbequer and any pit master.

Key Features – 

  • Excellent Hardwood Charcoal
  • Restaurant Grade Charcoal
  • Popular with restaurants and outdoor caterers
  • Burns hotter and longer than any other type of charcoal
  • Durable ‘extra Strength’ bag to avoid damages
  • Large 15Kg Bag

PLEASE NOTE – Charcoal is NOT available for DELIVERY, only instore sales available.

Please feel free to buy online and arrange collection on a Friday between 10:30am – 3pm.

Available on backorder

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NOTE: BBQ’s and heated cooking accessories can reach extremely high temperatures when in use and for long periods after it has been used.

Children, vulnerable adults and pets should always be supervised by responsible adults in order to protect them from hot surfaces and protruding edges. Always take caution and assume that all surfaces are hot and never leave it unattended. Handle edges and corners with care. Keep a safe distance from cooking equipment and fire pits.


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