Camping Soul Food Cookbook


Enjoy deliciously simple recipes, paired with music playlists to feed the soul with this fantastic cookbook.

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We are the Buggans’ family – a little family of three who love driving our campervan around Ireland.

Over the last few years, we’ve taken countless trips and learned so much about cooking with limited space, using the fridge to store beers for us and our friends, and how much more enjoyable brilliant tunes are when you’re outdoors with tasty grub.

So we’ve put together this Camping Soul Food cookbook with simple recipes you can do, either no-cook options or something you can cook on one gas ring or on a barbeque. Each recipe is paired with a playlist of Soul music.

In between, we’ve shared camping and cooking hacks that we have found invaluable on our travels.

Every time we went on our travels, we dreamed about putting this book together. But inevitably, holiday mode took over and we were too busy enjoying time with our family and friends. We kept hand-written notes and saved bits and bobs on our phones each year with the promise that “this summer, we’ll definitely put this together”. And as fate would have it, it took the world to stop turning (and our family adventures to be put on hold) for us to find the time to work on this seriously. And with the support of amazing friends and professionals (shout out Amelia and Julia), we finally got the book we had imagined in our heads down on paper.

We have been so fortunate to know and be introduced to amazing creative professionals who have the patience of many saints and an honour to work with. The book is complete and looks better than we could have ever hoped for.

When we first started camping we would have brought way too stuff that just got in the way. After a couple of trips unloading boxes that were never opened we realised how little you actually need to enjoy the great outdoors. Our hope is that this book will lighten your load and get you into holiday mode a lot faster.


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