‘El Fuego’ Eco smokeless Fire Pit bundle including fuel/candle



Eco Friendly, Cost Effective, Consistent Flame, Easy to Light and put out in seconds. El Fuego Eco Firepits are the most revolutionary Firepit on the Planet. One refill will last as long as 60-70 logs and burns as hot if not hotter than wood. No more smelling of wood Smoke our 100% Eco Fuel is like no other and you will not smell of a bonfire at the end of the evening.

Realistic wood log finish making it an very aesthetically pleasing firepit!


Price includes the Firepit+table Top+Fire Drum+ Cover and delivery within Ireland

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Each Smokeless and eco-friendly, the El Fuego Eco Fire Pit is perfect for small gardens, as it doesn’t emit any harmful wood smoke. Additionally, you and your guests won’t have to worry about smelling like a bonfire after a fun evening around the fire.

Compared to conventional fire pits, the El Fuego Eco Fire Pit burns only 1.4kg of CO2 per hour, significantly less than the 15kg CO2 per hour burned by traditional fire pits. Our 100% vegetable refills are equivalent to burning 90-100 kiln-dried logs, making them a sustainable option.

Lighting the El Fuego Fire Pit is a breeze and can be done in minutes, while extinguishing the flame is as easy as replacing the lid, taking only a few seconds. The fire pit produces a constant, large, and hot flame that requires no maintenance.

The El Fuego Firepit can be easily extinguished in just a few seconds by placing the lid back on top, eliminating any concerns about dying embers or how to put out the fire. You can check out our how-to video in the tips section for further guidance.

In terms of sustainability, the El Fuego Firepit is designed to work with a high-burn candle made of 100% biodegradable vegetable wax, which is sourced from recommended and audited suppliers. This eliminates the need for wood burning, making it a better option for the environment.

With the El Fuego Firepit, there’s no need to collect wood, amass kindling, or fumble with firelighters. The fire pit produces a consistent flame that burns for hours, without requiring any attention or tendering, providing a hypnotic and therapeutic experience for your outdoor gatherings.

The El Fuego Firepit is lightweight, portable, and equipped with specially designed handles, making it easy to move and perfect for BBQ evenings or camping trips. The ceramic design with a composite wood finish adds structural and textural interest to your garden, making it ideal for small spaces or any outdoor setting.


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