Fanola BioFuel 5 Litre drum


What is Bioethanol fuel?

Bioethanol is a type of renewable, plant-based alcohol that can be made from fermented sugars or molasses derived from crops such as sugarcane, potatoes, and wheat. It is considered a bio-renewable resource.

Fanola ethanol burns cleanly and efficiently, releasing water vapor and carbon dioxide as byproducts. These emissions are safe and comparable to those produced during normal breathing. In contrast, some cheaper synthetic fuels can leave residue on your device and cause damage, as well as produce strong, unpleasant odors due to the use of substandard denaturants. Fanola ethanol is of a high quality and will not cause these issues.

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Bio-ethanol fires are clean, have no fumes or smoke and produce zero levels of carbon monoxide!

Lots of flame and warmth for your special room with none of the hassle!


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