Texas Club Electric Fire Starter


Texas Club Original Electric Fire Starter has a particularly long 3.2 m cable and is one of the fastest and safest ways to start any grill fire.

It will light your grill, campfire or fireplace with easy in just 60 seconds without using any additional hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids.

This fire starter uses a stream of heated air which will not only light your grill or fireplace but will also make the charcoal or pellets ignite faster. To use  simple touch the coals with your Texas Club Electric Fire Starter and turn it on. After only a few seconds a spark will appear, then pull back your Fire Starter to 5 cm from the coals whilst keeping it ignited for a further 60 seconds or so. Your fire will be lit in no time.

Key Features – 

  • 3.2 m Long Cable
  • Sturdy original design
  • Easy to use


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BBQ’s and heated cooking accessories can reach extremely high temperatures when in use and for long periods after it has been used.

Children, vulnerable adults and pets should always be supervised by responsible adults in order to protect them from hot surfaces and protruding edges. Always take caution and assume that all surfaces are hot and never leave it unattended. Handle edges and corners with care. Keep a safe distance from cooking equipment and fire pits


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