Traeger Stainless Steel Grill Basket


The Traeger Stainless Steel Grill Basket lets you cook veggies, shrimp or any other small items on the grill without losing food through your grate.

Easily smoke foods that aren’t normally suitable to a grill grate by placing them in this convenient Traeger Stainless Steel Grill Basket.

The small, circular openings allow you to smoke or grill smaller items, promoting even cooking and infusing your foods with 100% hardwood flavor.

Key Features – 

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Integrated Front and Side Handle
  • Raised Edges
  • Diameter – 18 inches (W) x 13 inches (D)

Availability: In stock

NOTE: BBQ’s and heated cooking accessories can reach extremely high temperatures when in use and for long periods after it has been used.

Children, vulnerable adults and pets should always be supervised by responsible adults in order to protect them from hot surfaces and protruding edges. Always take caution and assume that all surfaces are hot and never leave it unattended. Handle edges and corners with care. Keep a safe distance from cooking equipment and fire pits.


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