FIREBOKS ® supplies high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing braai units and accessories for use all year- Inside or Outside.

Founder Leon Jordaan and his business partner Darin Claasen both hail from South Africa and are now based in Ireland. There is a long standing tradition of entertaining at home in South Africa, whether it be a small family gathering or a large celebration. To Braai (BBQ) is a wonderful focal point where food and warmth are at the centre. 

FIREBOKS ® (boks=box in Afrikaans) started as a casual chat about the differences in the Braai/BBQ culture, and promptly turned into Europe’s Exclusive supplier of quality fire boxes.

We believe that a Braai should be a social event and not a eating event. It should also not be restricted by the weather/time of year. If you have the right setting and equipment, everyday is a Braai Day!!



the 'steak' holders

Leon Jordaan

The businessman and entrepreneur has a real taste for Chargrilled steaks, paired with a good Red!

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