What started as a casual chat between Leon and CJ about the differences in Braai/BBQ culture, promptly turned into Irelands Exclusive supplier of quality fire boxes.

They realised that the Irish love to BBQ as much as the rest of the world but was often prevented from doing so, mainly due to external factors (like the weather) and a general shortage of the right ‘equipment’.

With decades and literally thousands of braai’s between them (3 times a week per household is not unusual!) they decided to share some of that knowledge!

There is a long standing tradition of entertaining at home in South Africa, whether it be a small family gathering or a large celebration- to Braai is a wonderful focal pint where food and warmth is at the centre.

FIREBOKS ® – high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing braai units and accessories.


the steak holders

Leon Jordaan

Proud South African born Irish citizen- a real Paddykaner. Has a real taste for Chargrilled steaks, paired with a good Red!

CJ Stander

Embraced his newfound 'home' in the same way to which he was welcomed in. Considered a Master with braai tongs in hand (By himself) Also play's a bit of Rugby

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