Quality BBQ Equipment, Solid Fuel and Accessories  

The general perception is that a BBQ can only be done outside and only in summer! Not if you have the right ‘Stuff’!
We have a genuine passion for Fire Flavoured Food and indulge in the process of  preparing it! 
We believe a BBQ should not be an eating event, but rather a Social Event!!
Inside. Outside. 365

High end BBQ Equipment creating Memorable Experiences 

why fireboks?

Dispatched within 2 working days!!!

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Dispatched within 2 working days


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The Modi

Tough and Durable- the whole unit is made from top grade Stainless Steel, shot blasted and painted black along the inner box area, this unit will ensure longevity that makes it the perfect aesthetic investment!
The Modi can be used as a Freestanding braai fitting snugly on top of the special Modi Log Box or alternatively it can be Wall Mounted.

The LotusGrill

'Taste of Charcoal- Speed of Gas'

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(Average Dispatch time- 2 working days)



We’ve had to change how we socialise and interact with others. STAYING IN has become the right thing to do, let us help you do it right!! Many of us think of this type of cooking is only associated with those precious few blue-sky summer days we get in Ireland. The reality is that with a bit of imagination and right approach, everyday can be a Braai Day!

We have teamed up with various quality trade partners & can give guidance on:

• Designing & Building your Braai room
• Extensions
• Landscaping

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