Whether you’re a serial entertainer, or the occasional Sunday meal host, choose from our range of stylish, premium Outdoor Kitchens! All BBQ units are from the renowned BeefEater Range of BBQ’s

The versatility of the various options mean we have the right for you!!

Design and choose all the elements of your BBQ kitchen for luxury outdoor grilling & effortless entertaining.
We offer 3 different ranges, The Harmony Range, The FrescoPro and the Cabinex Range, all fitted with the leader of built-in Gas BBQs, BEEFEATER!

Focus on the Cabinex™ range

 Welcome to Cabinex™ quality DIY outdoor kitchens. Beauty & functionality combined with market leading appliances are brought together to make your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen everything you’ve ever wanted. Technology and design are combined to offer a cabinetry system that is a pioneer in its class. PVC panels combined with the Cabinex™ patented aluminium framing system forms a rigid and robust cabinetry solution, ready to cope with the rigours of outdoor entertaining. The cabinets are also fully weather proof and supported by a 10 year limited warranty.

Cabinex™ is pleased to partner with BeefEater as a quality companion brand. Depending on your space and budget, choose
between the 4 burner or 5 Burner model, either can be connected to LPG or natural gas.




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