How to install the Freestanding Braai

These units are VERY HEAVY and will require a few people to manoeuvre it. We recommend using protective gloves and appropriate footwear when unpacking and installing your new braai.

How to install Flashing in a few Easy Steps

A quick look at the basic steps for installing a freestanding braai that will be protruding through a metal, fibreglass, steel, wood or plastic roof structure. There are other ways to do this but this is fairly straight forward. Always get professional advice and support when doing this- never attempt it alone.
”When in doubt, source it out”


  1. Add kindling with firelighters and Light her up!
  2. Keep adding good dry wood
  3. Watch the embers drop and spread’m in under the grid!!

Corrosion and a few easy steps to treat it

The beauty of these braai’s are that with just a little effort, once a year you can have fresh new braai at the start of each season! The robust build means that the unit will be around for many (many!) years.

Too much humidity, water or condensation of water vapour on metal surfaces are the primary causes of corrosion. Basically, where metal meets water, there is the possibility of corrosion.

Choosing stainless steel BBQ’s is a sure fire way (no pun intended) to ensure protection against corrosion.

If however you prefer a mild steel unit but are concerned about the effects of corrosion- rest assured, there are very simple ways of preventing, negating and treating corrosion. There is an upside to this- The beauty of treating your unit from time to time means that you can have a ‘new’ bbq every time you treat it!

We put one of our mild steel ember makers through extreme conditions  to demonstrate how easy it is to treat rust effected areas. The images below demonstrate how easy it is to treat rust effected areas


Check our range in action

Ember Maker & Ashtray

Pizza Domes

Firepit & Fire Drums


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