Fireboks Modi


Never before was there a Show Stopping BBQ quite like the Fireboks Modi !!

With its Modern and very Stylish Design- the clean lines will suit almost any architectural design and be home in modern as well as rustic settings.
Tough and Durable- the whole unit is made from top grade Stainless Steel, shot blasted and painted black along the inner box area, this unit will ensure longevity that makes it the perfect aesthetic investment!
The Modi can be used as a Freestanding braai fitting snugly on top of the special Modi Log Box or alternatively it can be Wall Mounted.

This one of a kind BBQ will save you plenty on building costs and be a statement in your home for many years to come.

The unit is available in full Gas or a Solid Fuel option.

Although we aim to always have units in stock, lead times may vary due to the lengthy manufacturing and shipping process.

Please contact us for more details


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