Free Standing SD Gas/Solid Fuel Combo



This unit lets you choose between the easy to use gas option or the more traditional solid fuel option- or simply just use BOTH at the SAME time!

The Fireboks Home Fires Free Standing units can be installed indoors and outdoors, enabling excellent entertainment regardless of the weather conditions. There is no brick work or building work required to install them, like with the built-in braai range.

These are aesthetically pleasing and the focal point in any entertainment area.

The free standing BBQ is the main attraction in any space and allows for the ultimate BBQ party with friends and family.

Key Features:

  • 2 Burner Gas
  • Solid Fuel BBQ section
  • Box stand
  • 1.2m Flue pipe
  • Ashpan,
  • 2 x Half grids
  • Ember maker
  • Potjieholder
  • Bottom door
  • Top Door
  • Ash drawer
  • Spade
  • Poker
  • Gridlifters
  • Cowl base & top
  • Dimensions (W , D , H ) (1000) 1070mm x 3200mm x 545mm /  (1200)1270mm x 3200mm x 545mm

Availability: In stock

Bbq’s and heated cooking accessories can reach extremely high temperatures when in use and for long periods after it has been used.
Children, vulnerable adults and pets should always be supervised by responsible adults in order to protect them from hot surfaces and protruding edges. Always take caution and assume that all surfaces are hot and never leave it unattended. Handle edges and corners with care. Keep a safe distance from cooking equipment and fire pits

Your Freestanding unit can be installed either inside or outside.

If it is been installed outside, please make sure to bolt down the unit to level, solid surface. This is to secure the unit and prevent it from been blown over if exposed to wind.

If your unit is been installed under a roof, you have different options, depending on what material your roof is made from.

If the roof is made from a steel structure, like corrugated iron, you can get away with running the existing the flue through the roof and use our Dektite rubber flashing, which comes with a silicone fixing kit, on the outside to prevent water leaks.

If your roof is made from timber or other combustible material on the inside, you will need to use a insulated flue set which fits inside the actual flue. This set includes a start off adaptor and the insulated flue with an external diameter of 350mm which works perfectly in the Super Deluxe range.

Depending on what the external surface of your roof is will determine what flashing you can use.

If its the corrugated iron roof, you can use the Dektite rubber flashing, which comes with a silicone fixing kit.

If its a tiled roof, you can use our Saldek Alum base flashing .

Please note that these flashings and insulated flues are available in our online store but we do recommend that you speak to us first so we can advise what would work for you.


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